Hello and thanks, this poor website gets so neglected. Issue #20 our anniversary china/China issue is full and awaiting the printer. It should mail around the 4th of July weekend. This issue is really fantastic with amazing fiction, art, and photography. Some details have been posted at our new fb page Blink Ink Print.

We exceeded 500 “likes” this week. Currently submissions are closed. They will reopen on July 21th 2015 and we hope to have some exciting announcements at that time. Anyone who would like to try a copy of issue 20 or a back issue at random should reach me at

Thanks for all your support past present and future.

Doug Mathewson – Editor




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Blink #20 Open for Submissions

Blink Ink is delighted to announce  that in celebration of our 20th issue
we are now open to themed submissions. Traditionally an appropriate
gift for an 20th is china, as in cups and saucers. We ask that you take that information and use it conceptually.
Something or someone from China, including fine china. The worlds of China Melville, or Chynna Phillips. The China Syndrome, Chinatown – be it the Jack Nicholson movie or a city neighborhood. China White – disco era killer. Sax Rohmer.  An ancient world of legend, the upheavals of Mao,  or black rains in Beijing. David Bowie and his China girl, your old Grannie’s fuzzy  poodle dog named China (who bit you, or did you lie). But not the country and not the patterned gravy boat, this is a conceptualization, a feeling we are striving for.
Submissions open till the end of April, fiction of fifty words or so. Artwork for this issue very much encouraged, please keep in mine we publish in a small black&white format. All submissions, concerns, inquiries,and proposals to:

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Spring is still digging out

Buried is the word, be in in snow or laundry. Issue #19 for Blink is nicely full and closed for submissions at this time. Weep not! The issue is very exciting with some really great writing and photography. We anticipate it mailing the last week of Feb.

Our next issue will be a special to mark our 20th issue, and we are calling it an anniversary. 20 issues of anything is worthy of praise in the micro world of indie publication. Announcements will be made when submissions reopen March 2nd. We hope to do a bigger launch than ever before with this one. The issue will be themed and here is a teaser… a mini-hint, “What is traditionally considered an appropriate 2oth anniversary gift”? Mull that one over if you would and after March 2nd send your fiction submissions
of fifty words or so to:

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The long awaited Blink-Ink issue 18 is now at the printers.

There have been two full weeks of communication and format problems to contend with

We hope to ship the issue shortly.

Doug Mathewson



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I may be a car crash of a person but you’re the one who wrecked me. An unpaved road that exhausted my tires, a rock through my windshield that started as a crack but worked its way into shattering the entire thing.

by Rachel Tanner

As a side note, Rachel owns a lot of scrunchies.

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The Babble Comes Full Circle

The Babble Comes Full Circle
It’s gonna be like Oakland, people walking around Lake Merritt beneath a necklace of lights talking on cell phones in Arabic, Spanish, Cantonese, Russian, German, Hebrew, hip-hop and everything else, a seagull looking for a place to bash a mussel, a pfeffernusse of white daisies sprinkled on the lawn, the International Cooperation Ensemble playing at the bandstand and leaves like paper cranes.
by Lenore Weiss

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I bought a ice cream sandwich and a lottery ticket at the gas station on my way to vote so it wouldn’t be wasted trip.
Gus Anderson

Gus returns to us with this short-stack of a 25 word story.

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Wishful Drinking

Wishful Drinking

Lost in metaphors, those aimless alley alkies are a collective sixty-eight cents short of their next infusion.
They put Sweetie on the sidewalk, begging change of strangers. Sweetie looks rough, but her soul’s still in there.
She says, “Please, mister. I’m not really a bad person.”
You want to believe her.

by Todd Mercer

New friend Todd Mercer bring us this one.

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“The sea once took entire villages here,”Sue worried aloud as she and
Gary motored out of the redwood groves and up the northern coast.
With a wary eye on the capricious surf, Sue simultaneously noted the
Golden State’s impotent warning signs placed every few miles.
TSUNAMI ESCAPE ROUTE with arrows feebly pointing inland.

by Margaret Brinton

Margaret Brinton brings her talents to Blink both here and in the upcoming issue #18.
She is a California based, and writes of people, tea, and giant waves.

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Life in Balance

A Life in Balance

Last night drinking top shelf rum 
in the Philadelphia Hard Rock.
Right there under Jimi’s portrait
live band playing loud

Tonight I am scraping cat puke 
off the edge of my bed.

by Christopher Reilley

Another New England native, something from Christopher Reilley

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