I bought a ice cream sandwich and a lottery ticket at the gas station on my way to vote so it wouldn’t be wasted trip.
Gus Anderson

Gus returns to us with this short-stack of a 25 word story.

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Wishful Drinking

Wishful Drinking

Lost in metaphors, those aimless alley alkies are a collective sixty-eight cents short of their next infusion.
They put Sweetie on the sidewalk, begging change of strangers. Sweetie looks rough, but her soul’s still in there.
She says, “Please, mister. I’m not really a bad person.”
You want to believe her.

by Todd Mercer

New friend Todd Mercer bring us this one.

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“The sea once took entire villages here,”Sue worried aloud as she and
Gary motored out of the redwood groves and up the northern coast.
With a wary eye on the capricious surf, Sue simultaneously noted the
Golden State’s impotent warning signs placed every few miles.
TSUNAMI ESCAPE ROUTE with arrows feebly pointing inland.

by Margaret Brinton

Margaret Brinton brings her talents to Blink both here and in the upcoming issue #18.
She is a California based, and writes of people, tea, and giant waves.

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Life in Balance

A Life in Balance

Last night drinking top shelf rum 
in the Philadelphia Hard Rock.
Right there under Jimi’s portrait
live band playing loud

Tonight I am scraping cat puke 
off the edge of my bed.

by Christopher Reilley

Another New England native, something from Christopher Reilley

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Blink-Ink announces Pushcart Award Nominees for 2014

We are completely trill to release the names of out 2014 nominees for the famed Pushcart awards.

“The First Snow” by Samantha Sigler
“Impossible” by Lauren Harma
“Burnt Sugar” by Krystal Sierra
“The First Wife of Mickey Dolenz” by Robin Stratton
“After” by Anna Lea Jancewicz
“Somwwhere Beneath It” by Robert Scotellaro

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The Future

The Future

Life is angry, civilization is no more. Lunatics roam the earth savagely. Robbing,

raping and destroying anything that gets in their way. Monopolies rule in ignorance,

burning the fields and poisoning the wells until the earth opens and swallows them.

Jeanette Cheezum 2014

Jeanette Cheezum is the successful author of many novels and short stories. Her work has
appeared widely in print as well as online. She is a veteran of Blink-Ink and a charter member
of The Hampton Roads Writers group. She is a very nice woman and this piece is especially
dark from her. She publishes a fine weekly journal titled “Jeanette Cheezum’s Cavalcade of Stars”,
that we are happy to recommend.

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Clean Biography

Clean Biography
After work he loosened his tie and stood barefoot in the trimmed grass.  He lit a cigarette and clamped it between his lips as he raked and burned neat mounds of leaves. The smell of smoke reminded him: his life was so even, he sometimes longed to crash and burn.

by Mary Renzi

Mary Renzi is a fine writer whose work will appear in Issue #18 of Blink-Ink.
She was almost in Issue #!7, but chickened out.

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News: Several and many.

Hello and once again welcome. Blink-Ink has been very busy, but not so one would know buy our online persona.
Issue #17 guest edited by Robert Masterson came out a month ago and was truly a mega-monster success. If you would like
a copy drop us a note at blinkinkinfo@gmail.com Submissions are open for issue #18 and we look forward to reading yours.
Pushcart nominees for 2014 will be announced in an other week or so,….. keep your digits crossed!
Starting as of today October first we will make an effort to post new work weekly to this website, after all why visit a site
that never changes? Too much is going on all around us. Please tell your friends, making things up is okay, read what others write,
and do something different. That’s what we’re looking for

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Blink-Ink #16

We have very happy, thrilled even, to announce that Blink-Ink Issue #16 hits the mails tonight.
This issue we have many very good writers including Robin Stratton, Paul Beckman, Krystal Sierra,
Charles Rafferty, Dave Moorehouse and Sharon Coleman. Photography bu Jesse Anger and Doug Mathewson.

This issue marks a change in our policy of sending out complimentary copies. If we have sent you four or five or more
free copies and you have never once said one word in response we are dropping you. Publishing a print journal takes time and money, both of which are in short supply. Alternately if anyone would like to subscribe (for cheap) or even try a
copy on us please email us at blinkinkinfo@gmail.com.

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Arindam Banerjee

Box Office
Not very long ago! I met myself, near the ashcan beside ‘Society Cinema Hall’, sharing muffins topped with sugary-cinnamon crumb mixture with a pair of pious grey mongrels; easy on a sack full of poesy.
  I was happily scavenging for the remains of a superior form of art.
2005 summer doldrums.
Radio resonating a serenade. Pinkie (the sleepy cat) invoking the rain gods with her meows. Neighborhood boy playing with 1/cos(c) in no tearing hurry.
  I was trying to feel the agony of a flunker but I flunked; there was flesh in the centerfold and I was young.

Arindam Banerjee

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