Green Screen Video Production Guide

Here are some best techniques for shooting and proper lighting green-screen for the video productions.

In this tutorial, I presume you’ve some lights, a green-screen plus a camera. The rest of the tutorial will be about putting them to be able.

First thing, what works well with cameras is the chroma green. Are ซีรี่ย์จีน about some:2:2 color space? Also RGB? Well without making things complicated, inside your digicam, most color info is stored in the green space from the color channel (G). So be sure that green-screen will be the appropriate color.

1. First off: Lights

The greatest part of having superb separation with the subject in the green-screen will be the lights in which ultimately is the key. This means that inside the video coverage that you just input inside your editing software, the history separates well through the object.

This is what makes the professional distinct from your newbies.

All of the precipitates into something, if you’ve not successfully created this separation, you can’t achieve realness with the outcome while using green edges appearing for the video.

Moving on.

2. Using a back light

This may be the light that illuminates the back of the object. Sometimes this light is higher in the air, sometimes lower (I recommend about 20% more than your subject) but it is ALWAYS pointing at the back of your subject (involving your subject and the green-screen). The ideal is always to have one light per side with both of them creating a 45-degree angle.

So simply what does this do? Well celebrate a subtle white ?halo? across the edges of one’s subject. Like a small white or illuminated edge, it will dramatically get a new quality of the key.

3. Light the Green-screen

The covering with the light while using green screen needs to be even. Do check if there any wrinkles. There should be no shadows, no brighter parts with out wrinkles in the green-screen. It just should be green and even.

4. Choosing the lights

What would be the methods for lighting the green-screen? It could be a light on each side, overheads and floor lights. They make Cyc lighting that casts a level light from your floor up (rent these out of your local gear rental shop).

Depending on what much the subject moves, I usually make use of a four bank KinoFlo on either side from the screen.

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