Lip Augmentation – Plastic Surgery

Lip augmentation is the better solution for all those desiring to get fuller or even more well-defined lips. อ่านโดจิน for sculpting or shaping lips to perfection can be carried out by way of a number of lip augmentation techniques. If a resilient lip augmentation is desired, then this surgery is the best option.

Achieve the Desired Fullness through Lip Augmentation

Now, lip augmentation – cosmetic surgery has become immensely popular among women and men spanning various ages, due to the immediate good results it gives you. Surgical lip enhancing methods can be achieved by inserting small artificial implant materials or by inserting your own tissues in to the lips through tiny, hidden incisions. If done right, this process can promise satisfying results with minimal unwanted effects.

Various Options with Varied Results

Fat grafting, sometimes known by names including autologous fat transfer or liposculpture, is often a surgical procedure used by many plastic surgeons for lip augmentation. The procedure involves inserting your own extra fat into the lips to provide a fuller, more youthful appearance. Synthetic implant options utilized in surgical lip augmentation knowning that offers permanent results include Alloderm, Dermaplant, Gore-Tex, Advanta, and SoftForm. Out of which, Alloderm and Dermaplant is cellular collagen matrix created from deceased humans. Synthetic implants do not shrink or absorb ? this is one of the primary advantages.

Other Considerations

Surgical lip augmentation procedures are usually performed under local anesthetic, and perhaps, light sedation could be given. Depending on the complexity, procedure and materials used, lip augmentation surgery itself takes one to two hours to finish. You can expect to experience some swelling and redness which may last from three days as much as two weeks.

Before you decide to undergo lip augmentation surgery, discuss your health background, your goals and expectations to the plastic surgeon to ensure that he/she provides the most likely methods that bring lasting results.

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